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Dues Payment Portal

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When am I billed? 

All those who owe received a paper invoice in July, 2019. You may request a reprint from or locate your invoice from the master PDF file located HERE. (Those who started the year delinquent can find their invoices HERE.) Once open, use CTRL-F to find your name.  Remember if you are printing the file, to print only that single page. 

Determine What You Owe

  • Typically, all attorneys owe mandatory dues of $75. The Sixteenth’s Tax ID is #58-1727392.
  • Those paying for a prior year, or paying after November 15 for the current year, should include a $15 service fee for late payment.
  • Those who wish to participate in the voluntary activities of the Durham County Bar Association owe an additional $125. The DCBA Tax ID is # 58-1489410.

Paying Online

The payment link is below in red. Be sure to have your NC State Bar ID number on hand before your start to pay. It is typically a four or five digit number no higher than 60000. You can look up your ID number at the NC State Bar web page. (This is not the same as your NC Bar Association member number.)


Refund Policy

There is typically no reason for an attorney to request a refund. Either a person is a member, or they are not, based on their address of record on file with the NC State Bar. If you pay one judicial district and move, you are waived-in to the new district without further payment for the current fiscal year. In unusual circumstances, such as a firm and individual payment for the same member, refunds are processed via check after a written request is made and authorized by the Treasurer, who can be reached at