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Board Information

Sixteenth Judicial District Bar, Durham County Bar Association & Durham Bar Foundation
Officers and Directors  2022-2024


Brandon Robinson (2018)

Attorney at Law


Joshua McIntyre (2017)
Director/Policy & Network Advancement
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)


Antoinette Burwell (2008)
Assistant Public Defender
14th Defender District


Vanya Allen (2014)

Senior Risk and Compliance Professional, IBM
Law Office of Vanya Allen


Dawn Y. Baxton (2022)

Chief Public Defender, Sixteenth Public Defender District 

Alexander Cabrejas (2023) 
Cabrejas Law Firm P.A.


Dietrich Dye McMillan (2021)

Legal Aid of NC – Durham


Judge Dorothy Hairston Mitchell (2007, 2018)

District Court Judge, Durham County


Meredith Nicholson (2019)

NicholsonPham Law


Yesenia L. Polanco-Galdamez (2020)

Polanco Law, P.C.


Eric M. Williams (2020)

The Law Offices of Eric M. Williams, PLLC


Syrena N. Williams (2017)

Syrena Williams Legal Services, PLLC


YLD Seat

Jay Garcia (2021)
Joseph J. Garcia Attorney At Law


Immediate Past President
H. Wood (Woody) Vann (2014)
Law Offices of Edward Falcone and H. Wood Vann


Non-Board Member/ Executive Director

Bonnie B. Biggs (2007)


(year) is their first year on the board

Click for our Durham County Bar Diversity & Racial Equity Statement and Plan


Past Presidents of the Durham Bar Organizations


The year noted is the year in which each president was elected. 


2022 & 2023 Brandon Robinson (shifted to two-year terms) 

2021 Woody Vann

2020 Lindsey Spain

2019 Dieter Mauch

2018 Kelly Mackay

2017 Kelly Mackay

2016 Guy Crabtree

2015 Fred Battaglia

2014 Dorothy Mitchell

2013 Carlos Mahoney

2012 Catherine Pavur 

2011 Christy Malott 

2010 Philip Mullins 

2009 Curtis Massey 

2008 Devon White 

2007 Bill Hutchins 

2006 Chris Hyland 

2005 Gina Reyman

2004 Lowell Siler 

2003 William Marsh III

2002 Jan Paul 

2001 Charlie Steel 

2000 Bill Lambe 

1999 Ruth Hammer 

1998 Nancy Gordon 

1997 Eugene Dauchert

1996 Bernell Daniel-Weeks 

1995 Finesse Couch 

1994 Lawrence Campbell 

1993 John Bowman 

1992 Patrick Baker